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"Autumn on the Montgó" Size: 165 x 90 cm.


-The finished works acquire a matte finish with permanent protection without the inconvenience of glass and its reflections.
-The polymeric varnishes used protect against ultraviolet light and humidity, accentuating the stability of the pigments over time and allowing the cleaning of the works
-The paintings are preserved without the need for a frame (this being always optional)

1- Hydration of the paper and subsequent ironing
2- Gluing the linen fabric on the wood
3- Gluing the paper on the fabric and pressing for 12 hours
4- Masking and application of special gesso for paspartous
5- Painted the paspartous and dried.
6- Application of a layer of fixative archival varnish with acetone
7- Application of 4 successive layers of UVLS polymer varnish
8- Application of a last layer of protective matte varnish 

The watercolors are made with permanent pigments on cotton paper cold pressed on linen and wood.
Protected with UVLS light-resistant varnishes for conservation

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Poems: Ileana Cicala , Manuel.G.Cruz /Haikus: oSane / Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson , Cecilia  / Photography and design: MGCruz 

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