Pieces are made of refractory stoneware and glazed raku.



Dream of Devas

I know that not all who wander are adrift
and that under the dark field of stars and the great silence of the earth,
The sea is still, the stones are attentive ... something sacred protects the world.
The man is whole in his soul, and everything that happens
it comes from the deep sources of destiny.

I was born with the innocence of things
with the fragility of what I feel, I look inside myself
and when I look inside, everything lights up ...
I see beauty in everything I look at
I grow and shine in the immutable center of my being.

I have found my home in the silence
and in that silence maybe I will still learn
what no one, what no place, no act, no art,
could teach me.

Warrior on this path in search of the light, I do not belong to myself.
Sometimes I fear ... but still having doubts and in my heart, fear,
I cannot ignore this call of my origin as a divine creature,
which I cannot give up.

The touch of a wind touches me, the strange dream of the Devas,
It is a long dream that travels between the stars on infinite routes,
and leads me to the portals that that takes me to the other side,
to the ends of the earth and to the fabulous infinity of beginnings,
where I find a space for my soul.

Devas or "spirits of the earth", are protective beings that inhabit and govern nature supporting the evolution of the planet.
Originally the term Deva means ‘heavenly’, derived in turn from the Sanskrit root “diw”, which means ‘to shine’. 


Series made with high temperature stoneware 
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Presentation Devas-II 

Outdoor exhibition held in Cabo de San Antonio (Javea) on the Full Moon of August 2014 

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